Aims & Objectives

Edinburgh Open Research Initiative (EORI) is a grassroots collective of students and staff based primarily at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to promote awareness of and training in Open Research practices and policies, and lobby for these to be implemented and formally recognised by the University of Edinburgh. This will be achieved via a series of specific aims, detailed below. These will be guided by developments in best practice in the field of Open Research, and specific aims may thus be updated as necessary. An action plan is currently being drafted to provide a roadmap for how to achieve these aims.  

1.1 Grow numbers and grass-roots support2.1 Collate training and educational resources to direct interested parties towards3.1 Conduct an awareness campaign around campuses (e.g. posters, social media, email, newsletters)
1.2 Organise symposium day(s) on Open Research practices2.2 Write a comprehensive EORI manifesto3.2 Plan a scheme to have an Open Research Ambassador at various levels throughout the university (schools, colleges, sites, departments etc.)
1.3 Make Open research more visible and accessible through promotion of knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences2.3 Connect with other Open Research initiatives at national and international levels – helps with sharing best practices, organisation of events and raising the profile3.3 Provide a confidential mechanism to raise concerns with Open Research practices
1.4 Conduct a survey on current Open Research practices at the University2.4 Identify initiatives/ policies at other universities; assess appropriateness; suggest for implementation here; identify obstacles & need for support3.4 Semi-regularly produce articles lobbying for Open Research practices for publication
1.5 Collate and centralise details of current Open Research initiatives at the University 3.5 Seek funding and partnerships for ideas 
1.6 Disseminate relevant information relating to Open Research practices and policies  
1.7 Be a University-wide support and communication platform for sharing of resources and building professional networks. This includes building of an inclusive learning community & knowledge transfer across all academic levels and beyond, facilitate collaborations and increase the range of available Open Research expertise to accelerate scientific progress.   
1.8 Advocacy – Inspire colleagues toward greater adoption of open and reproducible practices  
1.9 Infrastructure and tools – Build Open Research content/resource libraries – Tools for Open Research.  

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