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Hello! We're Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea and we host seminar/journal club-style meetings every 3rd Friday of the month on themes related to reproducibility, transparency and integrity in research. We aim to keep our meetings accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about open research practices, regardless of their level of experience/familiarity. Read more about our previous meetings in the blog posts below.

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Schedule 2021-2022

17/09/2021Dr Priya SilversteinEasing Into Open ScienceUmmul-Kiram Kathawalla, Priya Silverstein, Moin Syed; Easing Into Open Science: A Guide for Graduate Students and Their Advisors. Collabra: Psychology 4 January 2021; 7 (1): 18684. 
doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/collabra.18684
Priya’s previous talk for RIOT science club here

Recording of RTea session here
15/10/2021Dr Will Cawthorn Building an Open Research CultureRead more about the 8 pillars of open science and LERU’s template roadmap here: https://www.leru.org/publications/open-science-and-its-role-in-universities-a-roadmap-for-cultural-change
19/11/2021Dr Gillian CurrieOpen Research Practices in Wet-Lab Research Link to EUROC: edin.ac/2SZvY4U
17/12/2021Dr Zachary HorneBayesian Statistics and Open Research
21/01/2022Laura KlinkhamerPaper discussionFallibility in Science: Responding to Errors in the Work of Oneself and Others“, by Prof Dorothy Bishop
25/02/2022Moderator: Dr Emily SenaPanel discussion on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Open ResearchDr Kirstie Whitaker, Dr Olivia Guest, Dr Nadia Soliman & Dr Catherine Talbot

Read more about this session in this blog
18/03/2022Niamh MacSweeneyRegistered Reports

The replication crisis in psychology: Pre-registration and Registered Reports as crusaders for a brighter future | 20/01/23 | Dr Roman Briker

In our first Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea session of 2023, Dr Roman Briker gave a talk on pre-registration and Registered Reports. Dr Briker is an Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, and an Open Science Ambassador at the School of Business and Economics. Reproducibility crisis and questionable research practices Many…

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Open Research Across Disciplines | 16/12/22 | Emma Wilson

In our December session of Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea, Emma Wilson presented a session on open research practices across disciplines. Emma is a PhD student at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences. The session was focused on the UK Reproducibility’s list of open research case studies, examples, and resources for various research disciplines: https://www.ukrn.org/disciplines/ The list of…

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Introducing FAIRPoints and FAIR + Open Research for Beginners | 18/11/22 | Dr Sara El-Gebali

In our November session of Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea, we were joined by Dr Sara El-Gebali. Sara is a Research Data Manager, Co-Founder of FAIRPoints and Project Leader of LifeSciLab. In her talk, Sara introduced FAIRPoints, an event series highlighting pragmatic community-developed measures towards the implementation of the FAIR data principles, and some of the projects currently…

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Errors in Research

“Fallibility in Science- Responding to Errors in the Work of Oneself and Others” This was the first session of year 2022 and revolved around a paper discussion on Errors in Research. It was led by Laura Klinkhamer, a PHD student at The University of Edinburgh. Her research interests lie at the intersection of neuroscience and…

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Edinburgh University Research Optimisation Course (EUROC) 19/11/2021 with Dr Gillian Currie

In this session, Dr Gillian Currie who is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the CAMARADES group, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences at The University of Edinburgh talked about EUROC (Edinburgh University Research Optimisation Course) which encourages open research practices in animal research. Dr Gillian Currie is a meta-researcher and her research interests include improvement in…

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