To raise awareness, provide training, and lobby for Open Research practices & policies. 


Edinburgh Open Research Initiative (EORI) is a grassroots collective of students and staff based primarily at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to promote awareness of and training in Open Research practices and policies, and lobby for these to be implemented and formally recognised by the University of Edinburgh. This will be achieved via a series of specific aims, detailed further in our “Aims and Objectives“. These will be guided by developments in best practice in the field of Open Research, and specific aims may thus be updated as necessary. An action plan is currently being drafted to provide a roadmap for how to achieve these aims.  


EORI needs to remain focused on our mission and objectives. Therefore, EORI needs to be selective with its attention and efforts. To this end EORI will concern itself with issues directly relating to Open Research, e.g. Open Access, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) science, lobbying for changes to incentivise structures. EORI will not concern itself with other issues relevant to research culture, but not directly related to Open Research, e.g. the Athena Swan Charter, mental health & wellbeing, etc…

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A collective of staff and students based in Edinburgh, Scotland, promoting Open Research and Research Integrity.

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