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Citizen Science and Participatory Research | 31/03/23 | Neil Coleman

In this month’s Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea session, we were joined by Neil Coleman (they/them) who has recently joined the Edinburgh of Edinburgh as the Library Citizen Science Engagement Officer.

Neil introduced us to the concepts of citizen science and participatory research and explained the different levels of citizen science – from using “citizens as sensors” in a crowdsource project to collaborating with citizens to define problems and collect and analyse data in “extreme” citizen science.

Neil also provided some examples of participatory research projects. Check them out below!

Finally, Neil highlighted some of the ways the Library can help University of Edinburgh staff and students get involved with participatory research, including using pre-existing resources (Collections, Digital Research Services, Scholarly Communications, and Physical Spaces and Event Management) and developing new services, both internally and externally, such as networking across the university and connecting (ethically) with participants and communities.

Following Neil’s presentation, we had a discussion about our own experiences with participatory research, and potential challenges or barriers to conducting participatory research. This part of the session is not included in the recording.

The session recording is available on our YouTube channel.

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