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Introducing FAIRPoints and FAIR + Open Research for Beginners | 18/11/22 | Dr Sara El-Gebali

In our November session of Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea, we were joined by Dr Sara El-Gebali. Sara is a Research Data Manager, Co-Founder of FAIRPoints and Project Leader of LifeSciLab. In her talk, Sara introduced FAIRPoints, an event series highlighting pragmatic community-developed measures towards the implementation of the FAIR data principles, and some of the projects currently ongoing at FAIRPoints.

What is FAIR?

FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible. FAIR is a set of best practices rather than a set of rules.

FAIR + Open Research for Beginners

FAIR + Open Research for Beginners is a new community-led effort towards the inclusion of education on open and FAIR principles at earlier time points, such as in high school and undergraduate curriculums.

Through this initiative, Sara and the FAIRPoints community are launching a set of Google Flash Cards related to FAIR and open data. The flash cards help students better find answers to educational questions they have searched for on Google. The group are also working on developing slide decks and accompanying scripts that can be delivered in schools, undergraduate teaching, and public lectures.

Anyone with an interest in FAIR and open data can join the community and get involved in the initiative by subscribing to events and joining the FAIRPoints Slack channel:

You can find out more about FAIRPoints on their website. The slides for Sara’s talk are available on our OSF page and the session recording is available on YouTube.

This blog is written by Emma Wilson


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