EORI Bulletin

29/04/2022 5-minute update   

EORI keeps an eye on changes in the fields of Open Science, FAIR data principles, and others, and directs any interested parties to important updates:  

  • Smith and Sandbrik published this interesting paper on some of the potential ethical issues with Open Science research practices in biological research.  They posit that preregistration could help encourage risk assessment in the earlier stages of the research lifecycle and call for responsible and considered data sharing and access. Here’s also a WIRED article on their paper. 
  • Here’s a great introductory resource for data visualisation with R. It’s aimed at researchers who have not used R before and features many different types of graphs and example code.  
  • And finally, don’t forget to sign up for Edinburgh University’s first Open Research conference on the 27th of May. It’s free to all students and staff at the University of Edinburgh, and events will be held both online and in person. The conference will feature talks and workshops on how to get started with Open Science, practical considerations in Open Science, what resources are available at the University of Edinburgh, as well as many more.  

The best way to get more updates is to follow EORI on Twitter.  

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