EORI Bulletin

04/03/2022 – 5-minute update   

EORI keeps an eye on changes in the fields of Open Science, FAIR data principles, and others, and directs any interested parties to important updates:   

  • Open Science scholarship has revolutionised the scientific community, yet the sheer number of novel terms and concepts associated with it may be daunting for new researchers. To reduce entry barriers to open scholarship, the FORRT project has developed a community-sourced glossary of 250 relevant open scholarship terms. This is a great resource if you have ever wondered what PARKing is or what Type M errors are, and you can learn more about how the project came to be here
  • Gopalakrishna et al. (2022) published an investigation into the prevalence of questionable research practices and academic misconduct in research circles in the Netherlands. Their findings are worrying, with at least one in two researchers reporting that they frequently participate in questionable research practices, whilst one in twelve reported falsifying or fabricating their data at least once. Gopalakrishna and colleagues suggest that reducing the “publish or perish” mentality and amplifying the role of the peer reviewer in “gatekeeping” research quality and integrity may help reduce the widespread use of questionable research practices. 
  • This preprint by Steve Haroz offers a comprehensive breakdown of differences between five preregistration platforms (GitHub, AsPredicted, Zenodo, OSF (template) & OSF (open-ended)). This can help researchers make informed decisions when deciding where to preregister their study, but also highlights what information is especially vital to include in a preregistered report.  

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