EORI Bulletin

08/02/2022 – 5-minute update 

After a break, EORI is back for the new year with our 5-minute bulletin! 

EORI keeps an eye on changes in the fields of Open Science, FAIR data principles, and others, and directs any interested parties to important updates: 

  • Recently, NASA launched their Transform to Open Science mission. The program has designated 2023 as the Year of Open Science and aims to use Open Science principles to further accelerate scientific research and to promote the inclusion of historically excluded communities in its science program.  
  • The European University Association published its Open Science Agenda 2025. Its key priority areas are promoting open access, implementing FAIR data practices, and encouraging more responsible research assessment. The purpose of this agenda is to aid its members in the transition towards Open Science.  
  • This article covers the rise of preprints during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting both the benefits and pitfalls of rapid data sharing. It suggests that open access data and code sharing are paramount in ensuring the quality of scientific preprints.  

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