EORI Bulletin

05/07/2021 – 5-minute update

After a brief respite, EORI is back!

EORI keeps an eye on changes in the fields of Open Science, FAIR data principles, and others, and directs any interested parties to important updates:

  • As a nice punchy start, if you’re interested in a guide to Open Science, two handbooks (here and here) contain a lot of information presented neatly about how to get cracking with Open Science & Open research practices. Considering that practicing Open Research can be a gateway to the ‘leadership table’ for ECRs, the guides can be seen as great resources to not only practice Open Science but move up the ladder because of it.
  • We’ve previously mentioned the citation advantage on Open Access. Adding to this is this study which found an increase in news media mentions of Open Access. Overall, some studies report an advantage, others report no advantage, and there’s some suggestion that it might be field dependent. Thankfully, a group as conducted a systemic review to try and explore this (here). Though not conclusive, they bring together many of the studies conducted for us all to see. 
  • In case you needed any further reasons, here’s an argument that Open research can help in the fight against climate change!

As we were off for a week, here are some quickfire mentions:

  • This work touches on some rewards for supporting Open research practices.
  • This work argues that empowering ECRs is one key to improving research quality. 
  • Finally, this work uses Game Theory to reason that publishers will converge on an Open Access publishing strategy – good news to Open Science advocates everywhere!

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