EOSI keeps an eye on changes in the fields of Open Science, FAIR data principles, and others, and directs any interested parties to important updates. This issue, we’d like to highlight:

  • Covid 19 is still causing people to highlight the downsides of closed science and prompting calls for Open Science. Again, bit of a silver lining to a very dark cloud. E.G. here, here, and here. There are also a lot more Open Science & covid examples!
  • F1000 research has been awarded the European Commission’s contract for setting up a new peer reviewed open access publishing platform. Hopefully the platform will be live in early 2021.
  • Bodies such as Wiley, F1000 Research, Future Science Group, and now also PLOS have endorsed the Open Pharma Position Statement on Open Access. 

The best way to get more updates is to follow EOSI on Twitter. Additionally, if you’re interested in getting involved in EOSI then please send an email to Ben Thomas at ben.thomas@ed.ac.uk, or message them on Twitter.

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